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I Over Heard It!

I had stopped at Tesco’s (sort of convenience store) to get some essentials before work and was standing behind two girls, and happened to over hear their conversation:
Girl 1. “ So, I like had Jim last night, innit”
Girl 2. “Fuck off”
Girl 1. “Truth”
Girl 2. “ I went out with a ginger for like a month, I loved it”
Giggle Giggle
Girl 1:”Like, its weird but like well nice”
Now, I too – I have to say - have had a fantasy or three about the mythical “Fire Crotch”. Still, I couldn’t believe my ears (by the way no offence to any gingers out there) and thought this conversation was pure gold and had to share it – and so it was time to start the “I Over Heard It” page.