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What? DJ's at The Green Room!

Yes that's right there will be DJ's tomorrow night...so best get down there for some dirty tunes and some
dirty 2 for 1 cocktail deals (only £6)

Why did i do that?

In this business you see a lot of drunk people and you see a lot of drunk people do allot of drunk things-you know the kind of things you don’t really remember (or choose not to remember)…that is, until you walk in to the office the next day. I just so happened to witness one of these scenarios. It was an office party and a colleague and his boss were having an intense conversation, arms draped over each other’s shoulders-you know “Best Friends” kind of shit. So anyway, the conversation went on for a bit the occasional sway, after all they had been drinking for quite some time and it was an open bar. Then, all of sudden, “Boss” started talking really close to his face and then …Mwah, just laid a fat kiss on his lips which seemed to go on for just too long. It was that length of time that if you had to see it, made you feel kind of uncomfortable. I then cast my eyes slightly to the left and saw another colleague was filming it on his Iphone…he no doubt will be getting a pay rise next week.

I want you to tell me the things you really need to stop doing when you’re drunk.
The best story will get a £20 bar tab at The Green Room!


Guest List?

Lately I have found my self in Westfields- a massive shopping centre- quite a bit, just wondering around aimlessly killing time before going to work.
Now, they have a shop in there - I ‘m not gonna mention any names - the cloths are great, if your tall, ripped, have messy blond beach hair and a six pack but the thing I don’t get is, that in order for you to actually get in side you need cue up, and its not just a little 4 or 5 person cue its huge, there is at least a half an hour to 45 minute wait to get inside.
They have just opened up sister company in the same centre, you pretty much have to do the same thing there but they have gone one step further and have one those rope railing thingies that you find outside clubs.
The most ridiculous bit- never mind having to wait in a cue for an hour- I happened to notice a girl at the door with a clip board in her hand flipping pages and ticking things as you go in, now please tell that is not a f#!king guest list and if it is then I would love to know how you get on that guest list and if it costs anything to be pushed to the front of the cue… “Ah man my friends are gonna be so stoked that I managed to get us on to the guest list” To what? Get in to an F’ing clothing store?
To be fare making people cue outside your shop is just genius, there is no ways you are gonna stand a cue for an hour finally get inside, look around and go “um...you know what, its just not me” You’re gonna make sure you walk out of there with something in your hands even if it is just a pair of £50 socks.

Please select from the punctuation marks and letters below and fill in when needed:
, < . > / ? ; :' " ( ) ^ '

Air Sports?

I was out and about on Saturday with my girlfriend and her mother who had come to stay with us over the weekend - fun times - we were walking around in South Ken and I happened to notice this guy playing air cricket. You know, pretending to hit a ball - he was doing it with such dedication and seemed to know exactly where the ball was gonna go and his friend looked at him as if he was his coach.

His eyes glued to the bowler/dustbin across the street.
He draws back his bat in slow motion as if he were a Die Hard scene...As the "ball" approaches he takes a step forward then thrusts the "bat" forward but holds in position for just too long and looks to the heavens... WTF!
He didn't even try to score any runs, I mean I'm no umpire but that looked like a good shot to me.
...Actually thinking about it - he probably doesn't even play cricket nor does his friend and I bet you don't see professional cricket players hitting imaginary balls with imaginary bats in the middle of a busy side walk...
Sit tight for the weeks happenings!


Dear Blog!

Yes I know it has been a while since I have posted anything, but when I am not doing this I am out saving the world and that can be pretty time consuming.

"Dear Blog" - I am sorry, but that has got to be the worst blog title in all of the land, it invokes the same rage Iget when tapping in at a freakishly busy underground station and getting that "Seek Assistance" message. No, I don't need any assistance I just want to get through these giant flaps and to my next destination without having to go back and wait in the cue to top up my oyster card. So I tap it again knowing full well that there is no credit on there and knowing full well that the man behind me is slowly fashioning a shank out of his Pret a Manger sandwich box...Seek Assistance!

Now that I have got that off my chest...last weekend was full of musical delights.
Foxy shook the walls with her powerful voice and no doubt she will definitely be back. The Collective was amazing - top class musicianship!

This Friday you can check out one of the masterminds behind The Collective, he will be playing from 8 p.m.

Check out all the pics from Friday right HERE