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Midget in a tiger suit

Good day to all the millions and millions of devoted readers I have, tonight the one and only Hugh Neal is going to be playing from 8 PM.
So last night two girls, whose names I cannot reveal as I just don’t remember, managed to charm us in to letting them stay behind for a drink after we had closed, for some reason they seemed to think that this was a lock in. I have no idea why, the door was never locked they could have left at anytime.
Now I don’t know what they have heard or if they have actually ever had a lock in but they seemed to be expecting something fantastic to happen, and kept asking with big child like eyes “So what happens at a lock in” well, nothing really, it’s not as if a giant mirror ball descends from the ceiling, dancers rise up from the floor and burlesque-like waitresses bring you cocktails whilst a midget dressed up as a tiger blows fire at the front door to keep out all of the “unlucky ones”. No no, just a couple of pints and then home. The thing that surprised them the most… their bill, they actually thought they were going get free drinks all night.

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