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What's been happening?

Yes, it has been a couple of days now since the last post, a lot has happened. Hugh Neal played on Thursday night and killed it -you can check him out next Friday.

Friday was the start of the Six Nations - I am by now means a rugby fan (or sports fan at all really), and Friday was absolute carnage, I literally watched a man drink two bottles of Jagermeister, maybe twelve cans of red bull and was (at least I think) still able to spell his name.
Going to be planning a fundraiser on the 19th of February for the Australian flood victims, mate - so watch this space for further details.
On the 25th of February there is going to be a big one! A group called "The Collective" are going to be playing and opening a band called “Foxy” – it’s only going to cost five pounds and I guarantee you it’s going to be like fairies have fornicated on your ear drums.

I have also decided to start a new page called "I Over Heard It".

I had stopped at Tesco’s (sort of convenience store) to get some essentials before work and was standing behind two girls, and happened to over hear their conversation... 


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