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Guest List?

Lately I have found my self in Westfields- a massive shopping centre- quite a bit, just wondering around aimlessly killing time before going to work.
Now, they have a shop in there - I ‘m not gonna mention any names - the cloths are great, if your tall, ripped, have messy blond beach hair and a six pack but the thing I don’t get is, that in order for you to actually get in side you need cue up, and its not just a little 4 or 5 person cue its huge, there is at least a half an hour to 45 minute wait to get inside.
They have just opened up sister company in the same centre, you pretty much have to do the same thing there but they have gone one step further and have one those rope railing thingies that you find outside clubs.
The most ridiculous bit- never mind having to wait in a cue for an hour- I happened to notice a girl at the door with a clip board in her hand flipping pages and ticking things as you go in, now please tell that is not a f#!king guest list and if it is then I would love to know how you get on that guest list and if it costs anything to be pushed to the front of the cue… “Ah man my friends are gonna be so stoked that I managed to get us on to the guest list” To what? Get in to an F’ing clothing store?
To be fare making people cue outside your shop is just genius, there is no ways you are gonna stand a cue for an hour finally get inside, look around and go “um...you know what, its just not me” You’re gonna make sure you walk out of there with something in your hands even if it is just a pair of £50 socks.

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  1. now please tell ME that is not a f#!king