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Air Sports?

I was out and about on Saturday with my girlfriend and her mother who had come to stay with us over the weekend - fun times - we were walking around in South Ken and I happened to notice this guy playing air cricket. You know, pretending to hit a ball - he was doing it with such dedication and seemed to know exactly where the ball was gonna go and his friend looked at him as if he was his coach.

His eyes glued to the bowler/dustbin across the street.
He draws back his bat in slow motion as if he were a Die Hard scene...As the "ball" approaches he takes a step forward then thrusts the "bat" forward but holds in position for just too long and looks to the heavens... WTF!
He didn't even try to score any runs, I mean I'm no umpire but that looked like a good shot to me.
...Actually thinking about it - he probably doesn't even play cricket nor does his friend and I bet you don't see professional cricket players hitting imaginary balls with imaginary bats in the middle of a busy side walk...
Sit tight for the weeks happenings!

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