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Why did i do that?

In this business you see a lot of drunk people and you see a lot of drunk people do allot of drunk things-you know the kind of things you don’t really remember (or choose not to remember)…that is, until you walk in to the office the next day. I just so happened to witness one of these scenarios. It was an office party and a colleague and his boss were having an intense conversation, arms draped over each other’s shoulders-you know “Best Friends” kind of shit. So anyway, the conversation went on for a bit the occasional sway, after all they had been drinking for quite some time and it was an open bar. Then, all of sudden, “Boss” started talking really close to his face and then …Mwah, just laid a fat kiss on his lips which seemed to go on for just too long. It was that length of time that if you had to see it, made you feel kind of uncomfortable. I then cast my eyes slightly to the left and saw another colleague was filming it on his Iphone…he no doubt will be getting a pay rise next week.

I want you to tell me the things you really need to stop doing when you’re drunk.
The best story will get a £20 bar tab at The Green Room!

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